Choosing hope or fear

Will you choose hope or fear?

Last week I wrote several writing prompts to work through this month.

When I read the prompt for this morning:

Is hope scarier than fear?

I’ll admit I thought WTF? Especially because I’d only gotten about 3 hours of sleep last night.

How can hope be scary? And how can it, in any way, be worst than fear?

I realize I often approach “hope” with an addendum. The “but what if things don’t work out” addendum. AKA fear.

Below are a few of my thoughts on the idea of hope vs fear and the relation between the two, This prompt brought up so many other questions and tangents for me that I will definitely explore in later prompts.


What’s your take on the relationship between hope and fear in your life?

When do you feel most centered?

When do you feel centered?

I struggle with meditation.

It’s something I desperately want to “master” …but perhaps my desire to master meditation as if it were a sport vs the desire to truly quiet my mind, is the problem. But I digress.

Today’s writing prompt deals with evaluating the moments in your life when you feel most centered and grounded.

When do you feel most grounded or centered?

I share my answer here: